Mytholagy Hotie Girl And Boy

Ok I love all my outfits here is my newest: Myth Hotie... Ok first go to Mytholagy Island. Once there, go to a little to the
right and you should see a girl with a white slash on. Costumise her whole outfit execpt for her hair. Now go buy Rockstar 2
and Popgirl. Now go dye your hair blue. Put on the earings from Popgirl, and the back hair from the Rockstar 2 black.
And that's for the girls
Boys get this for free!! :( Ok anyways... go to Myth Island and jump on top of the gold building. There's a dude on top cosutimse
his outfit only. Now go down to the man with gray hair, costumise it. Now go to 24 Carrot and change your hair to brown. It takes
a while, so don't worry if you get it wrong at first here is the code:
black 5 seconds, blonde 3 seconds, white 1 second.
Now you look like a Hercules expect younger!!!

Black Rebel Girl

This outfit is my favorite!! You need about 275 credits.  First you need, black hair. 
~ Go to the dinner at 24 Carrot Island- 
~Click on the colored sodas- 
~ Fill it with black, then hit drink- 
 Then buy the biker or find a black vest. Buy the Rocker 2 in Black mode. Get a white skirt, and a black-dotted belt. 
Ok Put on: 
  • Biker Vest 
  • Rocker 2's shirt 
  • White skirt 
  •  And the belt
 There you go have fun at Poptropica!!!