24 Carrot Island Walk-through
This Island is 24 Carrot Island you'll face evil and melted carrots!!

    I love this place!!! Anyways....... first go to the carrot farm. Jump up on the roof then go in the chimney.
There should be a bowl in the house. Get it then leave. Now go to the dinner place. Talk to the lady and say:
"Fill this bowl with milk." Now go back to the farm-house. You will put down the bowl automaticly. Then go
up in the second story. Click on the bath tub nozzle. A cat should come out. Chase him to the bowl of milk
he'll meow then be your bff (Lmao). Now go to the hardware store. Talk to the girl ( I found your cat). And she'll give
you a crowbar. Now go to the carrot factory. Do some jumping. You can get 'Pipe Blueprints', but they're not needed. 
     Now go down and click on the pipe cap and head inside. The first part my be tricky, but soon you can get it. Oh and don't jump.
The rat is farily easy, just pop up in the little space. And there ya go! Now the switches aren't very easy. #1 goes in the middle #2 goes all
the wasy down #3 is just like #1. Now jump up, man how many times do you jump in this place!! Sorry a little too far, right? Anyways, go
on the crane and go in the pipes! Now go down, to the left and keep going, until you get to an iced spot, go thru one 
side and down the other. Now go right, you'll get the wire cutters!! YAY!! Now go thru the vent. 
     Ok now jump down the platform, You should see a bot hovering towards you. Stand still and he'll zap you. You
are now in the Freezer. Click on the security system. Cut all the wires. Now the bot's turned off. Head now to the printer room. Talk to the girl in
the bunny ears (down below).  Now say "what's that behind you?" Click on the power button. She'll show you the passcode (fuzzybunny lol) . Now go back to the
room with the bot. Talk to the other girl, say 'what's that' You know the same old. Go to the right and talk to the guy. "Hey look, a flying buffalo!!" LOL!!
Ok but now go to the door. And click. And fall. And fail...JK! Now get thru the melted carrot, jump up and grab Bunny Drone Ears. Now head back... again.. 
    Now you can go thru the door and find..... dun dun dun DR.HARE!!!! He thinks your his slave.. (rude little bunny). Now jump up a few stuff, and you'll see
a boy talk to him and do the whats that behind you crap. Ok now click on the computer. You type in fuzzybunny as the passcode and the action: launch rabbot.
Now you're driving a space-ship! Try to hit everything. Once you do it 4-5 times you won!! Dr. Hare is now on the moon, you can use the carrot-transporter or just
use the rope. Now go to the man that was crying he shouldn't be crying anymore. Talk to him. YAY you won the game!!!Or the island.....